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Personal Injury Workplace & Product Liability

Goldman & Maurer, LLP, has actively represented and continues to vigorously pursue cases on behalf of people who have been injured by the negligence or misconduct of others, the sale of dangerous and defective products and the failure of manufactures and sellers to warn of dangers caused by products. The Personal Injury Unit, supervised by partner, BRIAN S. GOLDMAN, handles the full range of personal injury tort cases including automobile accidents, transportation injuries encompassing FELA, railroad, subway, maritime and aviation accidents. The firm also handles traditional sidewalk slip, trip and fall cases, injuries caused by defectively maintained elevators and escalators and injuries to pedestrians and passengers caused by improperly designed roads.

Goldman & Maurer, LLP also actively represents workers injured while on the job. It has handles and continues to handle cases on behalf of construction workers who are injured while working on scaffolds, ladders and construction sites.

Our reputation, coupled with careful preparation for trial, allows us to obtain outstanding settlements before and during trials. Otherwise, we go to trial for a verdict to achieve the best possible results. Our skills and experience at trial are widely acknowledged in legal and insurance circles.

Whereas many law firms handle their cases intending to dispose of them primarily with fast settlements, we are selective, and accept only a limited number of clients and cases. We devote intensive effort to achieving maximum results. Our emphasis is placed on attention to detail and on the needs of the client. We are known to insurance companies as a "fighting office" that is willing and able to bring our cases to trial, and we have achieved many outstanding jury verdicts.

Our fee is contingent upon the recovery of money damages for a client. If we do not obtain money damages for a client, we accept no legal fees. Consultations with prospective clients or their attorneys are done free of charge. We do all investigation necessary for our cases, and make no charge for these services

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